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Driveway Resurfacing Materials

We provide full-service driveway resurfacing services to home and business owners throughout Central Ohio. That entails both the delivery of the materials shown below as well as the driveway resurfacing itself. The materials we use to surface driveways tend to be much more affordable than asphalt, concrete or other similar options. Some customers also use limestone, gravel, sand and topsoil for landscaping and decorative purposes. But, before you decide which material is right for your project, read up on the unique characteristics of each material and their typical uses or contact us with any questions.


Choosing limestone as opposed to gravel for resurfacing your driveway often comes down to personal preference, as both options provide attractive and affordable options with a few subtle differences.

#2 Limestone and #4 Limestone are larger than other types and therefore most often used as a base for your driveway and supplemented with a smaller types, such as Limestone #8, #57 and #304 to fill in the gaps. But, in some situations, using just one type of limestone will suffice for the whole job. Give us a call to discuss your specific needs and we can figure out a custom solution.


Where Limestone is made up of only one type of rock and therefore tends to be all one color, gravel is made up of many types of rock and can thus vary in color and texture. Paving with gravel often requires the use of more than one type and size, as a driveway of all large-sized stones will be difficult to walk and drive on and all small-sized stones can lead to quick erosion. But, before even selecting the type of gravel for your particular project, site preparation in the form of topsoil removal, grading, and establishing proper slopes for drainage is critical. For these reasons, we recommend you let us pave your driveway for you, or at least discuss your project and ideas with us first.

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